ARTIST STATEMENT ‘I find it fascinating to explore where intentional and experimental efforts merge. I have found that by relinquishing control and momentarily detaching, my creative process is heightened and my artistic expression is honest. It is this combination of certainty and unexpectedness that lures me to create and defines my relationship with my art.’

ARTIST BIO  Born in Charleston, South Carolina. Residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

Stacey Lawrence is a contemporary abstract artist concentrating in mixed media paintings. She is constantly experimenting; balancing form, color and line, to create evoking imagery. Randomly, subjectively, emotionally - she expresses herself with artistic freedom. There are no expectations, only the desire to create soulful work. Using a variety of mediums, including oil and acrylic paints, cold wax, graphite, markers, pencils, chalks and random papers she creates what she refers to as ‘oddly comfortable’ compositions. Juxtaposing shapes, she contrasts the familiar and the unknown, offering a sense of security where feelings of vulnerability exist.

Instagram: @staceylawrenceart

‘There is a stillness that comes with silence, where contemplation and emotional observations follow.’

everything. mixed media with acrylic paint and cold wax

everything. mixed media with acrylic paint and cold wax